Formalized organization

January – March 2021, the organization is also formalized with the registration in all bodies
necessary according to the law (taxes, local taxes, banks, etc.)

Rr. “Sulejman Pitarka”, Pall.5, K.1, Tiranë, Albania Nr.6377, dt.23.11.2020 FISCAL CODE: M11519453S
This year, the SKAUT movement started to come to life in Albania, with online meetings with
the representative of Scout of Europe, Consultant Mrs. Rose Mary Henny, who became our
leader and mentor in all the steps we would take and the activities and meetings in the field. In
this phase, support was provided by the regional office of scouts of Europe through the
Messenger of Peace I (MoP I) agreement, through which all the activities that would follow
throughout the year were made possible.