Agora 2022

This month marked the first representation at the regional level, where the leader of the Dibra
group, Arjola Brahimaj, participated in Agora 2022, on April 20-24, which took place in Ohrid,
North Macedonia, a meeting with representatives from many organizations scout, whose purpose
is to network and convey Scout values and educational methods.

An important activity during this month was also the activity of Tropoja during April 22-24,
where the leaders were trained with practical skills for cutting and sewing scarves assisted by the
artisans of Tropoja, also with the help of Kevin, the Scout leader of Tirana, the logos of the local
groups and those of the cities where these groups come from were finalized. In this activity, fun
activities were not missing, such as volleyball games, basketball together with scout members of
the local group of Tropoja, as well as hiking or cooking in nature, as well as an awareness
campaign for keeping the environment clean.