Promise ceremony

The whole journey of about a year would be celebrated with the ceremony of keeping the
Promise, and wearing the Scout uniform, is an important activity in terms of the symbolism that
characterizes the Scout Movement. This activity took place on May 20-22, 2022 outside Tirana.

To give due importance to this activity, Mr. Mathias Gerth participated in the ceremony as a
representative of the Advisory Committee for Albania. In this activity, the second phase of the
Wood badge training took place, by the Scouts of North Macedonia.

At the end of the ceremony
during the campfire, a memorandum of cooperation was also signed, which shows the stability
and mutual perseverance to move forward the whole Scout movement in Albania.
In the days that followed the activity of keeping the promise, important meetings were held with
institutions that have a direct impact on youth policies and civic activism, where it is worth
mentioning the meeting with the

Deputy Minister and Council of the Minister of Education and Sports, with the Minister of Youth and Children, with the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of
Tirana, as well as with representatives of the mission Swiss Contact, GIZ Albania and Europe
House, where bridges of cooperation were created and commitments were made for reciprocal
support in matters of volunteering and civic engagement.