Implementation of the project

The successful implementation of the above project rekindled the sparks for a beautiful journey
that would start in mid-summer 2020, also as one of the objectives of the Scout of Via Dinarica
the project, where Elias Mazloum, Armida Alikaj, and Eva Rama would establish officially the
organization SCOUT & Destination Management of Albania, which was registered with the
decision no. 6377, dt. 23.11.2020 of the Court of Tirana in the register of organizations
according to the Albanian legislation in force.

This organization was created with the main aim of acting as a center and as an innovative
network of scout movement groups in Albania, supporting these youth groups to develop skills
and knowledge, empowering them to be an active part of the scout movement and their
communities. Inclusion, recognition, and interaction with generations are essential to providing a
a healthy environment for our young members.